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Society Symbols

The badge of the society is a globe against the background of the sun, whose rays form an expansive corona and radiate in a number of symmetrical and equal concentrations from behind the globe.  These signify equivalence among the various branches of learning and represent dissemination of truth as light.   
Encircling the globe is a band containing the Greek letters ΦKΦ (Phi Kappa Phi).  It symbolizes a fraternal bond which girds the earth and binds the lovers of wisdom in a common purpose. 

The first word of the Phi Kappa Phi motto is Philosophía (fe-loh-so-FI-uh, with “FI” as in “fee” not “file”).  For historical reasons, the Society translates this Greek word as “the love of learning.” 
The second word of the motto is Krateítō (Krah-TAY-toe).  Krateítō is a verb meaning “to rule.”  In the Society's motto, the word has the form of a strong exhortation that calls on the members to “let the love of learning rule.” 
The last word of the motto is Phōtôn (Foe-TONE).  This word occurs in ancient Greek poetry and drama with the meaning of mortals in contrast to the immortal gods.  In the Society's motto, it refers to all human beings – men and women – thus the use of the word “humanity.” 


Other Symbols

Phi Kappa Phi Banner

Phi Kappa Phi Seal

Phi Kappa Phi Pin

Phi Kappa Phi Ribbon

The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi Chapter 045